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Infrastructural Advantages

  • White and Colored windows and doors can be produced.
  • European Automatic Machinery with latest technological Inputs working on PLC /cnc system.
  • High production capacity with accuracy.
  • The Production line boasts of all Automatic Machines.
  • Corner Cleaning Machine is cnc cooperated and has 9 tools, bringing out the best finishing available in the world.
  • The V- Cutting and Welding machine offer Adjustable Cutting Speed fitted with best and accurate cutters for that smooth finish.
  • The Double head cutting system offers automatic head positioning, wedge slicing, linear rail moving mechanism & servo motor positioning system (0.1mm tolerance).
  • Hardware fixing done with precision and use of automatic tools.
  • Quality inspection tables equipped with sodium vapour lights and blowers to remove any dust or foreign particles.
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