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Our Services

Picture Perfect Windows

SSS is a one stop shop to meet all your window shopping needs, quite literally. Yes, when it comes to uPVC windows and doors we have an array of services that will have you smiling every time you look out of the windows in your home or workplace. Beginning from a personalized consultation to the final installation here is a list of our services that will help you understand us better and order just what you need from us.

Here for you

At any point of time when you have decided to add value to your home with modern uPVC windows please feel free to call us and request a visit. Our site experts will visit your home or office at your convenience and help you choose the best and most cost effective products we offer. Apart from knowing our full range of offerings this visit will also help you plan ahead and choose the right product for the right place at the right price. That means there is simply no scope for you feeling dissatisfied with your choice after the windows or doors are installed.

Inch by inch

The next step to get you world class windows involves measurements. Our expert surveyors use modern measuring tools to get you the perfect windows and doors that fit snugly into your space. The measurements are very critical to get you the perfect windows or door openings since even a difference of a few millimeters can result in a less than average product. So if you are planning to get your uPVC windows from us, please call us without a worry and let us make your space look perfect. We insist on this service as a part of our offerings since start to finish jobs executed by us always have a perfect finish as compared to jobs that are finished by different hands in bits and pieces. So please do call us when you need us and feel your smile begin to broaden.

From Our Workshop

Our workshop is designed to offer you truly world class products, just like you see on Hollywood movies or prime time television. Our range of high tech machinery has been installed in consultation with a world leader in uPVC products. Deceuninck is a Belgian giant in the world of uPVC windows and, as channel partners, we at SSS are adviced and guided at every step by their team of experts. With certified top-of-the-line European machinery and expert Indian craftsmanship, we design the perfect windows that will have you sit back and relax by them for many, many years to come.

And it's done

When it's finally time to put your new windows and doors in place our expert installation team work hand in glove with our expert survey team to complete the installation without much ado. Since the measurements are taken with pin point precision by our survey team, our fabricators follow these measurements to the last millimeter to give you a flawless product. Since the measurements tally perfectly, our finished windows fit into their place snugly, without leaving any room for any sort of leakage. And there your windows stand ready to welcome you to gaze out longingly.

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