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SSS Sliding Doors

SSS uPVC sliding doors slide open smoothly offering unimaginable ease and space from inside. But along with the ease security is also of prime value. That is why our sliding doors have multiple locking points to thwart burglars from entering your home. But the real advantage in sliding doors is the feeling of oneness with all the beautiful spaces that you look out to. One just has to be a little alert, just in case you try to walk in through the glass.

Sliding doors are ideally suited for

  • Balconies, living rooms, rooms with a view
  • Places with an occurrence of heavy monsoon
  • Coastal areas and high rise buildings that face heavy wind speeds

Sliding windows can be advantageous for

  • Sliding doors are fitted with a structural bars for enhanced strength to face high velocity winds that hit windows in high rise buildings and sea facing homes
  • Sliding doors come with a range of hardware options like thicker glass for better insulation
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