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SSS Sliding Windows

Elegant and stylish, sliding windows are a must have if you have a flat that opens up to a great view of the neighbourhood. Not only do sliding windows add elegance to your home, they also complement the picture perfect view from your window.

Open or close sliding windows save space and also have an excellent security feature with multiple locking options. So keep the elements out and enjoy a clear view from the window all round the clock.

Sliding windows are ideally suited for

  • Large window openings like balconies, living rooms, rooms with a view
  • Places with an occurrence of heavy monsoon
  • Coastal areas and high rise buildings that face heavy wind speeds

Sliding windows can be advantageous for

  • Sliding windows are fitted with a structural bars for enhanced strength to face high velocity winds that hit windows in high rise buildings and sea facing homes
  • Sliding windows also have enhanced modifications to help rainwater to drain out effectively and prevent them from collecting on the window sill
  • Sliding windows come with a range of hardware options like thicker glass for better insulation
  • Sliding windows have multiple locking options for better security
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