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Tropical climate is spoken of with a need to keep away during the summers and enjoy during the winters. While this arrangement may suit guests and visitors, residents of tropical countries have to find their own unique ways to stay comfortable in every season. Be it the long, hot summers, the whimsical monsoons or the chilly winters, uPVC windows are your solution to world class comforts, in every season of the year.

SSS uPVC windows come equipped with some special features that enhance the comfort level of the rooms they open up to. These features not only help the room maintain a steady temperature with or without an air-conditioner, the also keep away unwanted elements like heat, dust, noise, rain and heavy winds. Here is a small glimpse of how uPVC windows make life more comfortable for you.

  • uPVC windows are multi chamber systems, unlike your regular open and shut windows. These multi chamber systems are expertly joined together at the installation stage to leave no space for any kind of infiltration, whether it be rain, heat, dust or wind.
  • Most regular windows become quirky and begin to act up during the hot and cold seasons. This is because any regular window expands and contract with the heat pattern and becomes way too easy or too difficult to open or shut as it should. This is a flawed system. uPVC windows are weather resistant. Their advanced engineering makes them immune to changing their form and shape with the weather. This ensures a pleasant room condition round the clock, in every season, without fail.
  • uPVC windows are designed to keep away raindrops and water leakages even during heavy downpours. With special rain track design mechanisms that line the windows from edge to edge, the water droplets do not collect at the window sills and are also deflected off the glazed face of the glass. This ensures complete water cover during heavy monsoons and your room remains dry and clean unless you want to let in a few drops of rain into your room.
  • uPVC windows are coated with a layer of titanium dioxide to keep them looking like new for many, many years. The titanium dioxide coating deflects away the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun to keep your windows corrosion free and shining like new through its life.
  • uPVC windows are formed with a steel core. This core offers the windows their strength and stability and also helps them stave off heavy wind loads that come gushing at great speeds. Without this extra strength the windows could easily bend out of shape. But thanks to the steel core they stand strong and tough to face the elements of nature all year round.

The rains are there to make people happy and not to make your rooms wet and slippery. So when it rains keep the water out for good with SSS uPVC windows. Our smart uPVC windows come with a few added features that allow them to drain the rainwater out from their sill instead of into your rooms. As we’ve said before, the glazed glass deflects the rainwater off its surface. The water that collects at the sill is drained outwards, thanks to a small incline at the base of the sill. Moreover the windows are sealed into place with a special silicon sealant that leaves no gap between the wall and the windows frames, so there is no chance of any water entering into your room unless you prefer to keep the windows open to see the water droplets dancing to the song of the clouds.

Whether it be blazing summers or chilly winters, heavy winds can play on your mood at any time of the year. While one seldom minds the gentle caresses of the breeze on summer evenings, the hot winds of the summer afternoon and the biting cold winds of mid winters is not very enjoyable. Both the winds of the latter kind tend to sicken the body and deflate the spirits. These winds bode ill on our bodies and temperaments and we will often find elders advising us to steer clear of them.

While other windows would rattle and shake and make a great lot of noise when facing heavy winds uPVC windows make little work of the winds. For the smart and advanced SSS uPVC windows, facing the winds is just another day’s job which they meet with efficient ease. Designed and engineered with genuine European components and world class precision, SSS uPVC windows keep out inclement weather to make your room feel cozy and comfortable all year round.

uPVC windows offer peace of mind, literally. You may wonder how that is possible. Well, the answer is simple. uPVC windows offer enhanced noise reduction. Thanks to the multi-chamber systems, the windows effectively control and reduce the entry of external sounds inside the room and make it more peaceful.

We all know that silence always helps us think and feel better. Given the high levels of noise that filters into our homes and offices everyday it becomes all the more important to have a noise free, silent room to work better. So if you have a busy street passing right next to your home, office nursing home or school, get yourself the best sound proofing solution that you can buy at an affordable price – uPVC windows.

uPVC windows made from high quality steel and Poly Vinyl Chloride make your rooms virtually impenetrable for external sounds. The multi chamber systems and the steel framework coupled with leak proof fittings stay sealed in place for an entire lifetime, thereby greatly reducing the amount of noise that filters into your room. With our uPVC windows in place you can enjoy your moments of calm and peace sitting in the place you've dreamt of as your great escape, that is your own room.

  • uPVC windows can reduce noice in your room by 75% to 95%. The former is a perception of noise reduction by the human ear while the latter is the measured amount of noise reduced by instrument reading.
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