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Technical Advantage

  • Cool Summers, Warm Winters
  • Less Noise, More Peace
  • Green Windows to Save Energy
  • Less Maintenance, More Comforts
  • Windows that perform better

In a tropical country like India, the summers tend to get extremely hot while one can expect a fair amount of chill in the winter months. The weather outside can have a great impact on both your health and mood. For enjoying the wonders of the season to the fullest we suggest SSS uPVC windows for minimal weather hassles and maximum enjoyment.

SSS uPVC windows are just what you need to keep you comfortable in your room all through the year, whatever be the weather outside. SSS uPVC windows offer effective insulation for your rooms with advanced glass coating technology to reduce heat transmission. This in turn reduces heat transfer to make your room cool during summers and warm during winters.

SSS uPVC windows offer great advantages during every season with:

  • Double or Triple Glazed Insulated Glass Units or toughened and tinted Single Float Glass
  • Compact and efficiently sealed grid lock system in the window frames
  • Advance installation techniques to avoid air infiltration when windows are fitted
  • Compression seals to remove gaps when windows are closed
  • Free passage of open air for better ventilation when windows are open

SSS offers totally customized window installation solutions. From the design to the quality of materials used, you can completely depend on us to offer you the best professional services that guarantee enhance comfort in your rooms.

uPVC windows offer peace of mind, literally. You may wonder how that is possible. Well, the answer is simple. uPVC windows offer enhanced noise reduction. Thanks to the multi-chamber systems, the windows effectively control and reduce the entry of external sounds inside the room and make it more peaceful.

We all know that silence always helps us think and feel better. Given the high levels of noise that filters into our homes and offices everyday it becomes all the more important to have a noise free, silent room to work better. So if you have a busy street passing right next to your home, office nursing home or school, get yourself the best sound proofing solution that you can buy at an affordable price – uPVC windows.

uPVC windows made from high quality steel and Poly Vinyl Chloride make your rooms virtually impenetrable for external sounds. The multi chamber systems and the steel framework coupled with leak proof fittings stay sealed in place for an entire lifetime, thereby greatly reducing the amount of noise that filters into your room. With our uPVC windows in place you can enjoy your moments of calm and peace sitting in the place you've dreamt of as your great escape, that is your own room.

  • uPVC windows can reduce noice in your room by 75% to 95%. The former is a perception of noise reduction by the human ear while the latter is the measured amount of noise reduced by instrument reading.

Did you know that your windows can help you save energy?

Yes, SSS uPVC windows are the latest addition in an array of solutions to optimize energy usage. When you choose uPVC windows for your home you automatically choose reduced power bills and less of greenhouse gas emissions.

uPVC windows are made out of a highly insulating, robust material. This means your windows do not gain or lose heat through conduction like other metals do. Aluminium window frames, though cost effective and functional are actually not great for window fittings. Wooden windows insulate too, but they require constant care and regular maintenance to perform well.

A recent study shows that uPVC windows are great news for the environment because

  • They save on timber usage for making wooden windows
  • They save two-thirds of the energy that is needed in manufacturing metal window frames
  • They can be readily recycled with scrap going back into other uPVC products
  • They need less maintenance and do not ever need painting, cleanup and disposal of paints

uPVC window frames are like a dream come true. They offer maximum comforts with almost no maintenance time at all. So at the end of the day you will not only be sleeping better, but you’ll love your time at the window sill too.

  • uPVC is corrosion free, unlike other metal window frames
  • uPVC window frames will not get deformed or out of shape with the weather
  • uPVC window frames are free from chipping, peeling or blistering
  • They do not need periodic painting to keep looking new

When compared with other window frames that need regular repainting, uPVC window frames perform much better because they do not weigh down on the eco system with energy spent on removing and disposing off the old paint and material spent on repainting. And without the possibility of paints and solvents being flushed into the eco-system the world is a seemingly happier place to be in.

uPVC windows on the other hand are extremely easy to maintain without you having to drop sweat. A periodic cleaning of the frame with a regular household cleaner is all you need to keep your windows looking as good as new. Lubricating the windows once in every six months is also suggested for better performance and longevity.

To top it all up these are a few benefits of uPVC windows that will help you to choose better windows for your home.

  • uPVC is strong and durable
  • uPVC is also resistant to abrasion and moisture
  • electrically non-conductive, uPVC window frames also have good fire performance properties
  • uPVC window frames acid resistant.

High performance windows are a pleasure to use. They have a range of advantages that the offer to make them truly high performance. These features include

  • Better energy efficiency
  • Higher noise reduction
  • Superior weather resistance
  • More Durability
  • Fool-proof Security
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Better functionality
  • Good Looks and beauty


The double or triple glazed glass units are hermetically sealed for better insulation, higher noise reduction and better security. The air cavity between the insulated glass units also affords reduced transmission of heat and effectively blocks UV rays from entering the room.


uPVC windows are specially created with scientific multi-chamber systems that interlock with perfect precision to prevent heat, wind and rain from entering inside the room. uPVC windows are also highly resistant to condensation and fires. The frames are fitted into place with great care and offer high security unlike other metal or timber frames.

uPVC windows stay in perfect shape even in extreme climatic conditions. Heat or cold cannot bend or distort uPVC frames. So the windows and doors open and shut smoothly at all times of the year and throughout their lives. This becomes possible only because uPVC windows come equipped with a steel core that ensures smooth and dependable functioning over a long period of time.

  • Corrosion proof windows
  • High Wind Resistance
  • Termite Resistant Windows

uPVC windows are corrosion proof and remain rust free even after long years of regular usage. The high grade poly vinyl that goes into uPVC windows does not corrode after exposure to water or pollution. This becomes important in Indian weather conditions where corrosion is bound to affect ordinary metal frames in the extreme tropical weather. But uPVC windows guarantee a flawless performance and look and feel the same even after years of great service.

If you live by the sea side and are used to heavy winds toppling over lightweight household items then we suggest you try uPVC windows. While normal windows bang shut, rattle in the wind and are prone to damage, uPVC windows are a force to reckon with. The galvanized steel exterior in uPVC windows offers extra strength for protection against heavy winds. The windows can even withstand hours of howling winds and rains without giving way. This is just the safe window you were always looking for. But do ensure that your high performance, wind resistant uPVC windows are installed completely by us to allow you to access the fullest benefits of these stylish windows. We insist on this because windows installed by us make your room completely air tight. This allows your air conditioner to function better and helps to lower your energy consumption.

It is common to spend regularly on pest control if you have wooden windows at home. Any gap in this periodic maintenance might result in termite infestations in your windows. You can completely do away with this extra maintenance cost with uPVC windows. uPVC windows are completely termite resistant. No matter how strong their teeth, the termite cannot cause a single scratch in your superior, high quality galvanized steel framed uPVC windows. This ensures years of peaceful life without having to worry about termites and a lovely window that offers amazing peace of mind.

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